Mathematical Optimisation (2017-2018)

(UT code: 201500372)
Mon 26/03/18WC focused on Chpt 5.
Wed 28/03/18Discussion class, going through what we have learnt during the course.
Mon 02/04/18No class (Easter Monday).
Wed 04/0418Go through the past exam from 22nd July 2015, except for question 6 (which was gone through on Mon 26/03/18).
Please attempt this exam before the class.
Tue 17/04/18Exam.
Tue 24/07/18Retake.
  • The script is available on Blackboard.
  • Videos from last year are available at Note that there have been some minor changes since last year.
  • Prerequisites: Chpt 1 of the script and look through your notes from your first year Linear Programming/Optimisation course.
  • An approximate schedule for the course is available here (version 05/03/2018). This may be subject to change.
  • The exercises (version 08/02/2018), for homework and WCs, are detailed here.
  • Improved proofs for lemmas related to the Quasi-Newton method is available here.

MO_Final.pdf - These are complete slides from the course, which you are allowed to take in to the exam.
Rules.pdf - These are the rules for the exam.