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8:30 Workshop Registration
9:00 Mathukumalli Vidyasagar, M. Eren Ahsen
Recent Advances in Compressed Sensing
9:00 Richard Braatz
Robust Optimal Control of Finite-time Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems
9:00 Toshiharu Sugie, S. Azuma
On Randomized Controllers
9:40 Hideaki Ishii, K. Okano
Data Rate Limitations for Stabilization of Uncertain Linear Systems
9:40 Constantino Lagoa, A. Jasour, N. Serhat Aybat
Convex Relaxations of Chance Constrained Semi-Algebraic Problems
9:40 Paolo Frasca, C. Ravazzi, R. Tempo, H. Ishii
Ergodic Dynamics in Social Networks
10:20 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Yoshito Ohta
System Transformation Using Shift Invariant Subspace
10:50 Claudio De Persis, P. Tesi
Robust Control of Cyber-Physical Systems
10:50 Necmiye Ozay
Robust Control of Dynamical Systems with Temporal Logic Constraints
11:30 Franco Blanchini, G. Giordano
Structural Properties and Robustness in Biochemical Networks
11:30 Ian Petersen
Robust Control of Negative Imaginary Systems
11:30 Fabrizio Dabbene, D. Henrion, C. Lagoa
Polynomial Superlevel Set Approximations and Their Applications
12:10 Lunch Break 12:10 Lunch Break 12:10 Closing
14:10 Li Qiu
When MIMO Control Meets MIMO Communication
14:10 Mario Sznaier, O. I. Camps
Dealing with Big Data in Systems and Control: Some Lessons from Machine Learning
Special Session on Big Data
14:50 Luca Zaccarian, F. Dabbene, S. Formentin, S. M. Savaresi, R. Tempo
On Randomized Robust Static Anti-Windup
14:50 Laurent Lessard, A. Nayyar, S. Lall
State-Space Solutions for Optimal Control over Graphs
15:30 Coffee Break 15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Anders Hansson, S. K. Pakazad, A. Rantzer
Distributed Robust Stability Analysis of Interconnected Uncertain Systems
16:00 Amir Ahmadi, A. Majumdar
Going Bigger on Optimization-Based Algebraic Verification
16:40 Yasuaki Oishi
Sampled-Data Control of a Nonlinear System with Validated Computation and a Positive Polynomial Method
16:40 Benjamin Recht, A. Packard, L. Lessard
Analyzing Optimization Algorithms using Integral Quadratic Constraints
17:20 Anton Stoorvogel, H.F. Grip, A. Saberi
Synchronization and Regulation of Heterogeneous Networks

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