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I no longer work at the University of Twente, I moved to Sweden and I am now an Assistant Professor at Halmstad University, check out my new homepage. Below my still existing old page that will probably disappear at some point.

Personal Info

I am a Post-Doc in Formal Methods and Tools (FMT) Group at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I work on the VerCors Project lead by Marieke Huisman. For details see below.

Previously I worked in the Digital Security (DS) Group at the Computing Science Department of Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands with Erik Poll on several projects. Even eariler, before I came to the Netherlands, I worked at Chalmers University of Technology, (what is now) Division of Software Technology, where I got my PhD in March 2005 under the supervision of Reiner Hähnle working on the KeY project.

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Main Projects

I currently work 100% on the VerCors Project which deals with formal verification of concurrect data structures in the presence of Java dynamic thread creation and Java re-entrant locks. The project is lead by Marieke Huisman.


This page contains a full list of my publications. In particular, for formal methods interested folks I recommend the KeY book, which I co-authored.

And this is what Google has to say about my work.

(Past) Projects, Events, Program Committees


I actively participate in the development of the KeY System.

For the CHARTER project I developed formal specifications for the Real-time Java API libraries (Deliverable 6.2):

For the PinPas Java Card Project I developed the Java Card Firewall Tester. This project is hosted at my old web-page at Radboud University, because technically it is licensed there.

I pariticipate in (P) or administrate (A) the following SourceForge projects:

My smaller and older software projects are available at this software page.

Current & Recent Teaching

BSc, MSc, and Design projects: Courses:

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