Gerard J.M. Smit

University of Twente

Department of EEMCS

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

the Netherlands


Phone : +31 53 4893734

Fax : +31 53 4894590

e-mail : G.J.M.Smit[at]

My name is Gerard Smit and I am full professor in the chair Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems (CAES) at the University of Twente. I teach various courses in the BSc and MSc programs for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Telematics.


The research addresses the architecture and design of low-power hand-held multimedia systems, with particular emphasis on energy conservation. The technologies of PDA, wireless networking and smart card, when combined and integrated well, have the potential of replacing all of the things people have to carry around by one small device. The employment of such devices has several challenging implications: it must provide multimedia functionality, operate in a very dynamic wireless environment, and be secure because it contains personal information and interacts with the - possibly hostile - environment. All these capabilities have to be integrated in one small and light battery-operated device, implying an ultra-low energy consumption and a high performance. In this research a radical new approach is taken in order to fulfill the requirements - in terms of processing power and energy consumption - of future mobile applications. A primary goal of this research is to prove that a heterogeneous reconfigurable systems architecture in combination with a QoS driven operating system provides a solution for flexible low-power handheld systems.

This research is supported by

·        STW/Progress (Chameleon project),

·        NWO (Gecko project),

·        Freeband impulse (AWGN project),

·        European Commission (4S project),

·        Freeband AAF project,

·        STW project A4


Computer Organisation (for INF, EL and TEL students) (213130)

BBDT (Fundamentals of Logic Design for EL students) (213001)

HW/SW codesign  (213012)

Embedded Computer Architectures 1 (213024)

see also my applets for DT and CO (applets)


Publications of the group