Jaco van de Pol

Prof. Dr. J.C. van de Pol
Chair of Formal Methods and Tools
University of Twente, Faculty EEMCS, Research Institute CTIT.
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Research Interests
Recent Publications (from 2007 onward), Older Publications (until 2006) and Edited Volumes
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Academic Service

Cluster Leader of the Twente Graduate School MSc+PhD programme in ICT
Vice-chair of the ERCIM working group FMICS, Formal Methods in Industrial Critical Systems
PC member of SPIN 2012, FORTE/FMOODS 2013, FMICS 2013, AVOCS 2013, SPIN 2014, ICFEM 2014 and TACAS 2014.
Program Chair of SPIN 2010, AVOCS 2014, and TACAS 2015 (tool chair).


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Research Interests

Modeling and analysis of safety, dependability and security aspects of software-intensive embedded systems by means of model checking, theorem proving and testing. More specifically, the development of new model checking techniques based on symbolic techniques (e.g. abstraction, confluence, fixpoint equation systems, constraint solving) and high-performance computing (e.g. distributed model checking, multi-core and out-of-core algorithms). Application domains include embedded systems, distributed systems, security protocols, and biological systems.
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Older Publications (before 2007)
Coordinator of FP6 STREP EC-MOAN (2007-2010)
JITty: A rewriter with strategy annotations
Inloophuis Hengelo
De Morgenster, Christelijk/Nederlands Gereformeerde Kerk, Hengelo