I am part-time full professor in the chair Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems (CAES) at the University of Twente and senior principal research scientist at NXP-semiconductors in Eindhoven.

My research is focused on real-time multiprocessor system design and signal processing. This includes the definition of real-time analysis models, dataflow analysis algorithms, the design of predictable multiprocessor hardware, and base-band algorithm design for radios. The real-time analysis algorithms are applied in an optimizing real-time multiprocessor compiler.

Real-time multiprocessor systems are used in telecommunication systems, infotainment systems, and control systems. Real-time system design techniques are very relevant for companies like ST-Ericsson, Thales, Philips medical systems, ASML, OCE, and NXP-semiconductors. These companies develop smartphones, radar systems, medical imaging systems, wafer-stepper controllers, copiers, and car-to-car communication systems.

Open PhD position:

There is (4/12/2015) an open position for a PhD candidate. The research should be focused on techniques for improving the error resilience of embedded digital multiprocessor systems used in software defined radios and radars against temporal and functional errors. This will require adaptation of the hardware and analysis of the software using techniques and tools that should be developed in the project.

Contact information:

Marco Bekooij

University of Twente

Department of EEMCS

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

the Netherlands

Phone : +31-06-47338169

Fax : +31 53 4894590

e-mail : m.j.g.bekooij[at]utwente.nl OR marco.bekooij[at]nxp.com