Homepage of Hajo Broersma

  • I moved to Durham University, England in June 2004. Here is a link to my home page in durham
  • I still have a part-time position at the University of Twente
  • However, I did not keep my Twente pages up to date

  • In 1988 I was appointed as an Assistant Professor,
    in 1999 as an Associate Professor,
    and since September 2004 I am a part-time Professor at the
    Department of Applied Mathematics of the
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the
    University of Twente.

    I am a member of the chair Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming and
    I participate in the (national) research school EIDMA and
    the university research institute CTIT.

    My research interest is Discrete Mathematics, mainly Graph Theory.

    I got my PhD in 1988 on a thesis entitled

    Hamilton cycles in graphs and related topics.

    My main topics of research within Graph Theory are

    but I also worked on various other topics, including
    A substantial part of my present and future research is or will be devoted to applications in Telecommunication.

    My list of publications is available, and so is a list of my editorships.

    My teaching is mainly in Dutch.

    I (co)supervised many MSc-students and PhD-students.

    My full address is:

    Hajo Broersma
    Department of Applied Mathematics
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
    University of Twente
    P.O. Box 217, 7500AE Enschede
    The Netherlands

    Email: broersma [at] utwente.nl

    Here is a picture of myself with beard, but I usually don't have one.

    Last update: March 27, 2003