Ansgar Fehnker

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The Netherlands
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University of Twente
The Netherlands
+31 53 489 2583

I am Associate Professor for Programming Education at the Faculty of Electrical Engineeering, Mathematics, and Computer Science, at the University of Twente. I am part of the Formal Methods and Tools group.


I am currently involved in teaching progamming in the Bachelor Programme Creative Technology, and Software Engineering in the Master Software Technology at the Univeristy of Twente. My research is focussed on programming eucation, in particular on how to use state-of-the-art tool and practices to help students as well as students. Together with Angelika Mader and Alma Schafstal we won for our work on Tinkering in Informatics the 2018 Best Practices in Education Award by Informatics Europe. I was previously professor in CS/IS and Head of School at the School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Science (SCIMS) at the University of the South Pacific. I was until 2011 researcher at Australia's ICT research centre NICTA, where I on static analysis for C/C++, which led to the commercial industrial analysis tool Goanna, and on analysis of wireless network protocols with model checking. Prior to joining NICTA I was a PostDoc in the model checking teams at Carnegie Mellon University. I received my PhD from the Radboud University Nijmegen on verification of real-time and hybrid systems.


My research interest is formal verification, in particular model checking and static analysis, and the application of formal methods in design and development of software systems and education. FOr a list of potential topics see the .

An fairly up-to-date list of publicatons can be found on Google or DBLP.

While not really relavant to my current research interests here is a link to my Master and PhD theses:

  • A. Fehnker. Two identification methods for an active sludge model. Master's thesis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 1996. (link)
  • A. Fehnker. Citius, Vilius, Melius -- Guiding and Cost-Optimality in Model Checking of Timed and Hybrid Systems. PhD thesis, University of Nijmegen, 2002. (link)
PhD and MSc projects

Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing a PhD or MSc in the areas of formal methods, software analysis, protocol analysis, or tertiary teaching of programming.

Quite a few of my publications or research activities are accompanied by artefacts, such as video, software or models. Here follows a selection:
  • This video gives an impression of how programing is taught in Creative Technology.
  • Together with Angelika Mader and the help of students and student assitants, we ran the Atelier project. You can find the repository for Atlier on GitHub.
  • A short video on Atlier is available in the repository of the University of Twente, and even short version on YouTube.
  • Remco de Man and I analysed a great number of Processing programs for prgramming smells (sources)
  • Together with Franjo Ivan i I compiled a number of benchmarks for hybrid systems verification. The instances and models can be found here.
  • Together with Angelika Mader and Lodewijk van Hoesel we modelled the LMAC protocol. The models and properties can be found here.
  • Together with Rob van Glabbeek, Peter Höfner, Annabelle McIver, Marius Portmann and Wee Lum Tan we modelled the AODV protocol. The models and properties can be found here.
  • Together with Vinay Mehta and Maryam Kamali we modelled mobility in Wireless Networks. The models and properties can be found here.
  • Together with Vinay Mehta and Kaylash Chaudhary we modelled the B.A.T.M.A.N. protocol. The models and properties can be found here.
  • Together with Kaylash Chaudhary we modelled Andresen attack on Bitcoin. The models and properties can be found here.
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