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Paris in Spring 2012

Lunch at Mariages Freres



The problem with Paris: too many bookstores, too many tea shops. Green, yellow and blue tea + mint, jasmin and smokey – all from Mariage Freres this time. Ganaches from Jacques Genin. And also more books.

  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint: Autoportrait (a l’etranger) !finished reading!
  • Carol-Lynne Moore and Kaoru Yamamoto: Beyond Words – Movement observation and Analysis
  • Jo Butterworth: Dance Studies – the basics
  • Tristan Garcia: L’image
  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint: L’urgence et la patience
  • Tim Burton: Catalogue de l’exposition (bought before the exposition opens on the 7th of March!)
  • HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture – Artshow – Musee de la Halle St Pierre
  • Francois Xavier Delman, Mathias Minet, Christine Barbaste: Le Guide de Degustation de l’Amateur de The
  • Mariage Freres: Eloge de la cuisine au The – livre de recettes

As the Tim Burton exhibition only opens at March 7, we need to make other plans. A fabulous alterrnative was the Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture at Halle Saint Pierre.

Me and TinTin on our way home.


Workshop on Movement Quality

Paris, workshop on Movement Quality and Physical Models Visualizations at IRCAM. How to analyze the quality of movement real-time and make interactive installations that react to it? How to capture movement? Research questions that are addressed include the notation of movement on different levels, how to generate sound|music automatically based on the analysis. Besides presentations of technology, the program contains presentations of art works (dance) that make use of the recognition technology. Some links: