ICMI 2015

A the ICMI conference in Seattle we presented a demo of NAKAMA, organised a grand challenge on Affective Touch/Gesture recognition and we organised a workshop roadmapping the future of Social Signal Processing. Moreover, Jan Kolkmeier presented his ideas on his research to the DC.

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Nakama at ICMI 2015

Nakama at ICMI 2015

Jan at ICMI 2015

Jan at ICMI 2015



3TU Phd School

We organised an Autumn PhD School on Social Signal Processing, Computational Social Science. We had 50 students participating. Nice speakers (Alessandro Vinciarelli Mohammed Chetouani and Daniel Gatica Perez amongst others.



President AAAC

The Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing is responsible for hosting the biennial conference ACII. At the conference I was promoted to President of the Association. There are a lot of things to do and with the next president elect and the former president I hope we can initiate a lot of things to advance the field.


Tasty Bits and Bytes

In the COMMIT/ valorisation project “Tasty Bits and Bytes” we will explore mixed reality technology to enhance the dining experience. Partners in the project are Unilever and Friesland Campina.

To get an idea of the kinds of things that we will be exploring and to keep updated you can visit our website.



Another Weekend in Paris

After the Aria-Valuspa meeting, we enjoyed another weekend in Paris. As always, we went to the Palais de Tokyo to see the art. As always it was really good, although I should say, this time it was extremely good. The Centre Pompidou offered Le Corbusier – which was slightly boring – but also Mona Hatoum. At the Fondation Louis Vuitton the theme was Pop-Art. It was good fun.

Lunch and Dinner-wise, we had no reasons to complain about anything. We recommend “Chez Simone” (Rue Pascal), “Le Pas Sage” (Passage du Grand Cerf – see picture) and particularly Clamato (Rue de Charonne).

lunch-le-pas-sage palais-de-tokyo-july-2015 louis-vuitton

Art, Media & Technology 2014/2015

This year was the last time we ran the Art, Media and Technology Minor  – a collaboration between the Art Academy (AKI) and the University of Twente (Computer Science and Philosophy) that we started more than 10 years ago. I have been coordinating the programme since the start and was also teaching one of the courses “Media and Technology” with involvement of a lot of colleagues and students over the years. The course involved into a challenge for the students of all different backgrounds to look at “user experience” in a different way. University students are challenged to forget about theory, words, books and to communicate not by telling but by showing.


Here are some projects from this year CoCcoon and also thisBonapetit. The Flight Landing Experience.

Christian has a blog entry on last year’s projects.


Aria Valuspa Kick-off

The first Aria Valuspa project meeting was held in January, in Nottingham. In this project we will be looking at virtual characters that can assist users with information queries. It combines expertise in dialogue, information retrieval, virtual humans and also emotion recognition.

An article on the project was published in the UT-News magazine.

Picture by Gijs Ouwerkerk

Picture by Gijs van Ouwerkerk