BOOM! Big data meets formal methods

A workshop at CONFESTA
September 8
Beijing, China


Big data is booming. Advanced data analytic techniques, like deep learning, predict the weather, buy and sell stocks, beat the humans in chess playing, diagnose diseases from CT scans, and recommend us which books to buy.

Big data is gaining more and more importance in the area for formal methods: quantitative analysis techniques largely depend on the values of the input parameters, which could be learned from historic data. Moreover, automatic learning formal models themselves, or model skeletons as well as solutions have gained a lot of momentum with techniques like model mining, and reinforcement learning. In the other direction, formal methods have also a lot to offer for the development of big data analytic techniques, such as the verification of deep learning algorithms, model-based classification algorithms, methods and models for data cleaning etc.

As there are no formal proceedings for the workshop, the main focus is on a broad range of topics that trigger lively discussions. Selected abstracts will be invited for a special issue of the Journal on Reliable Intelligent Environments.



Submission instructions

We particularly invite work recently accepted to top conferences and ongoing work. Accepted presentations will not be subject to proceedings publication, though there will be invitations for selected abstracts for a special issue of the Journal on Reliable Intelligent Environments.

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