Miscellaneous stuff

This page contains a collection of miscellaneous things I've written for some reason or another; they just perhaps might be of interest to someone...

Watching a leapsecond on longwave radio. At the end of 2005, a leapsecond was inserted in the world's timescale. One of the few ways of noticing this, is by observing the precision time signals transmitted by a radio station.
At the end of 2008, there was another leapsecond, which I recorded on several LW, MW and SW broadcast bands.

Accuracy and stability of the 50 Hz mains frequency shows the results of measuring the stability of the frequency of the AC voltage from the power grid; this has direct implications for the accuracy of many electric and electronic clocks.
And there's an update about the 5 minute deviation happening in March 2018.

Weird behaviour of Winbond ethernet chipsets discusses the somewhat weird backoff algorithm found in many Winbond ethernet chips.

Counting spam shows how the amount of spam I get grows exponentially by a factor of about 2.65 per year.

Counting Friday 13s presents some slightly surprising statistics about the average number of Friday 13s per month and per year.

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