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Other interests

Services and Cybersecurity
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Twente

Research projects

Past projects

  • Requirements Engineering in Agile Software Projects (2011-13)
  • U-Care. SenterNovem project (2008-12).
  • Quality-Driven Requirements Engineering and Architectural Design. NWO project (2006-10).
  • Privacy and the dynamics of network technologies in the healthcare sector. NWO project (2006-07).
  • Problem Analysis and Requirements Engineering (2000-06)
  • Smart Surroundings. BSIK project (2004-08)
  • Evolutionary Implementation of Groupware part of the BITE 2000 research project of the University of Twente (1999-2004)
  • Die Virtuelle Wissensfabrik. Ministry of Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia (1996-97)
  • Interoperable Tools for Cooperation Support using the World Wide Web (CoopWWW). Telematics Application Programme of the EU (1996-97).
  • Basic Support for Cooperative Work. GMD - Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, Sankt Augustin, Germany (1994-97)
  • Parsing Schemata. Ph.D. research in the Parlevink Language Engineering project, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Twente (1990-93).
  • Software Reusability. Software Engineering Research Center, Utrecht (1988-89)
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