Links to my professional interests:

Dynamical Systems Web portal with news, software and tutorials
Nonlinear Faq, A very organized overview
Scholarpedia , A wiki on dynamical systems and neuroscience
CONTENT, see also my notes
MatCont, a numerical continuation toolbox for Matlab for ODEs and MAPs
KWG, Dutch mathematical society
HomMap, continuation of homoclinic orbits for maps. I would like to know who is using this?
ADOL-C, automatic differentiation software
Math Dancing .

Links to my personal interests:

Blue Balls, Keep watching
My favourite composers Scriabin(wikipedia) and Liszt(wikipedia)
If you want to discover music, look at the youtube channels Hexameron (RIP!), fyrexianoff and buy those discs.
Quote: "Das wir uns in der Welt verloren fühlen ist völlig normal.", see Mannheim G4 #3, Pink rectangle on the Churchtower.

On using computers

Memory management is important; type
"sudo sysctl -w vm.drop_caches=3" to free memory, as I learned here: here . Along this line I have experienced that the (roughly) same code in Python was much more efficient than Matlab, reducing computational effort from a full day to 3 hours.