Paris in Spring 2012

Lunch at Mariages Freres



The problem with Paris: too many bookstores, too many tea shops. Green, yellow and blue tea + mint, jasmin and smokey – all from Mariage Freres this time. Ganaches from Jacques Genin. And also more books.

  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint: Autoportrait (a l’etranger) !finished reading!
  • Carol-Lynne Moore and Kaoru Yamamoto: Beyond Words – Movement observation and Analysis
  • Jo Butterworth: Dance Studies – the basics
  • Tristan Garcia: L’image
  • Jean-Philippe Toussaint: L’urgence et la patience
  • Tim Burton: Catalogue de l’exposition (bought before the exposition opens on the 7th of March!)
  • HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture – Artshow – Musee de la Halle St Pierre
  • Francois Xavier Delman, Mathias Minet, Christine Barbaste: Le Guide de Degustation de l’Amateur de The
  • Mariage Freres: Eloge de la cuisine au The – livre de recettes

As the Tim Burton exhibition only opens at March 7, we need to make other plans. A fabulous alterrnative was the Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture at Halle Saint Pierre.

Me and TinTin on our way home.